100 days of School Printable Activities
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100 days of School Printable Activities and Coloring Pages For Kids (FREE!)

Celebrating the 100th day of school is a milestone that brings a sense of achievement and excitement not just for the kids, but for teachers and parents too! It’s a day that marks the journey of learning, growth, and countless memories made along the way.

100 days of School Printable ActivitiesFrom the first tentative steps into new classrooms to the blossoming of friendships and the mastery of new skills, reaching the 100th day feels like a collective triumph. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the progress everyone has made and to look forward to the adventures that the rest of the school year holds.

With creative projects, fun activities, and perhaps a bit of reflection, the 100th day of school becomes a cherished celebration of educational milestones, personal growth, and the joy of learning together.

100 days of School Printable Activities

1. Design Your Own 100 Days of School T-shirt Coloring Page

100 days of School Printable Coloring page

2. What I Will Look Like at 100 Coloring Page

3. I Spy 100 Candies Printable Activity

100 days of School Printable I Spy Activity

4. 100th Day of School Coloring Page

5. 100 Days Brighter Coloring Page

100 days of School Printable Coloring sheet

6. Happy 100th Day of School Coloring Page

7. 100th day coloring page Bus

100th day of School

8. 100th Day of School Coloring Page

100 days of School Printable Activities

9. 100th Day of School Scavenger hunt Page

100 days of School Printable Scavenger Hunt

10. 100th Day of School- I Love School Coloring Sheet

11. 100th Day of School Word Search

100 days of School Printable Word Search

12. 100th Day of School $100 Coloring Page

13. Happy 100th Day of School Coloring Page

14. 100th Day of School Color By Addition Activity Page

15. 100 Days Smarter Coloring Page

16. Count to 100 Coloring Page

17. 100 Days Birthday Candles

Hopefully these free printable coloring pages for 100 days of school will keep the kids busy for a while!

Fun Ways to Celebrate 100 days of School 

Celebrating the 100th day of school is a wonderful milestone in the academic year, offering a unique opportunity to engage students in fun, educational activities that mark their progress.

Here are some engaging and printable activities to make this day memorable for both students and teachers:

1. 100th Day Collection Sheets

Create a printable sheet where students can attach or draw items they’ve collected 100 of. This could be 100 stickers, 100 leaves, or even 100 stars drawn or pasted onto the sheet. It’s a tangible way to visualize the number 100.

2. “I Wish I Had 100…” Writing Prompt

Provide students with a writing prompt that starts with “I wish I had 100…” and let their imaginations run wild. This activity encourages creative thinking and writing skills, and the responses can be both insightful and humorous.

3. 100 Days Smarter Certificate

Print out certificates that proclaim each student is “100 Days Smarter” as a way to celebrate their academic and personal growth. It’s a keepsake they can take home and proudly show to their families.

4. 100th Day Math Puzzles

Create math worksheets with puzzles that revolve around the number 100. These could include problems that add up to 100, finding 100 hidden within a number chart, or creating patterns with the number 100.

5. 100 Seconds Physical Challenge

Have a printable checklist of physical activities that students must try to complete in 100 seconds. This could include jumping jacks, running in place, or silent reading. It’s a fun break that gets kids moving and breaks up the day.

6. 100 Years Old Portrait

Ask students to draw a portrait of what they think they will look like when they are 100 years old. This activity is sure to generate giggles and encourage students to think creatively about aging.

7. Time Capsule Questionnaire

Design a printable questionnaire for students to fill out with questions about their current favorites, aspirations, and thoughts. Seal these up to be opened on the 100th day of the next school year, providing a reflective look back in time.

8. 100 Acts of Kindness

Challenge your class to complete a list of 100 acts of kindness. Provide a printable tracking sheet where students can record acts of kindness they perform or witness leading up to the 100th day.

9. 100th Day Reading Challenge

Create a printable list of 100 books or reading challenges to complete by the end of the year. Use the 100th day as a checkpoint to celebrate progress and motivate students to keep going.

10. Design Your Own 100 Dollar Bill

Give students a template of a blank banknote and ask them to design their own 100 dollar bill. They can feature themselves, a famous person, or a fictional character on the bill, along with what they believe are valuable traits or achievements worth 100 dollars.

These 100 days coloring pages and printable activities not only commemorate the 100th day of school but also reinforce learning objectives in a fun, interactive way. They serve as a reminder of how far each student has come and how much there is to look forward to in the remainder of the school year.

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