15 Stocking Stuffers Under $15 They Will Actually Love

Tis the season to figure out what in the world to put in those stockings! Whether your loved one is 5 or 105, a well thought out stocking stuffer can really put the joy in the season, but sometimes it is harder than you would imagine to find a good option that doesn’t break the bank. Here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers under $15 that your loved ones will actually be happy to receive.

Stocking stuffers can fall into several Christmas gift categories, the most popular being funny gag type gifts, utilitarian gifts and mementos. Below we offer up a few different choices depending on the receiver.

Great Gifts for Guys

Looking for the perfect stocking stuff gift for your dad, brother, best guy friend? Finding them something that they will truly be excited to receive has gotten just a bit easier now. These fun and functional gift ideas all under $15 are perfect for any guy. They will appreciate the thought and be thrilled with the gift!

Magnetic Wristband

What can you get for that guy in your life who is pretty handy around the house? How about a nice utilitarian wristband made of heavy duty ballistic grade polyester containing several powerful magnets for holding screws, nails and bits. Grab the Magnetic Wristband for under $15

Handerpants Gloves

Do you have a funny guy on your hands? Perhaps you have just the opposite and feel its time Donny Downer laughs a bit? Check out these finger-less under pant gloves, nifty little hand warmers that look like a pair of tighty whitey’s! These hilarious stocking stuffers under $15 are great for secret santa gifts or even white elephant parties! Get the Handerpant Gloves here

Personalized Camp Mug

Obtaining a meaningful gift to pop in the stocking may seem a touch daunting, but in truth, it can be as simple as this customized mug perfect for the outdoors.

One we find particularly sweet is a personalized mug such as this one. These are ideal Christmas gifts for special friends and family as well. Buy the Personalized Camp Mug on Amazon.

Great Gifts For Women

What are the best options for that special woman in your life? Whether she is your best friend, sister or mother, there are tons of options to consider.
Women of all ages love cosmetics, but which particular color or brand of lipsticks, eye liner or lipstick can be difficult to determine without giving away the gift identity.

Perfect Beauty Products

Mary Kay has an answer for that with their night time emollient. This product is non-pore clogging, hypoallergenic and perfect for dry patches as well as elbows and knees. Find this awesome beauty cream on Amazon for the best price

If You Can Read This… Funny Socks

An absolute favorite gift this time of year is socks. They serve a function, can be fashionable and best yet they can be hilarious. There is an entire line of “If You Can Read This…” socks. Get a Pair Today- Best Price on Amazon.

Personalized Gift- You’re My Person

If you are looking for something meaningful, how about an engraved spoon? Every morning over tea or coffee, you can affect her day! Sayings range from inspirational as in “Be Fierce Today” to a simple expression of emotions “I Love You”, or “Your My Person”. Get a Personalized Spoon or Gift here

Gifts for the Little Guys

Stocking stuffers for the children in your life can be a bit trickier to nail down, especially since age is such an important factor. Let’s assume we are shopping for boys 6-13, here are a few top gifts to consider.

3D Dino Lamp

Boys of all ages love dinosaurs and most have a bedside table, so a perfect fit is a 3D Dino lamp! This multi-color changing lamp gives the illusion of a 3D sculpture in a 2 dimensional display all for less than $15 before tax and shipping. Pick up a Dino Lamp Today!

Ho Ho Hot Wheels!

You can never go wrong with Hot Wheels when you are shopping for the little man in your life. This falls under the tried and true category, and you will be hard pressed even in this digital age to find a young man who is not interested in cars. Get Hot Wheels Toys For Under $10

Minecraft Fun

Electronics are a part of life today and one popular bit of entertainment is computer games, in particular Minecraft. A wonderful stocking stuffer for mind craft lovers in this new bestselling book or one of there many minecraft toys, many under $15! Check out all the Best Sellers from Minecraft here

Gifts for Little Girls

Sugar, spice and everything nice, but what do I put in your stocking!? Lip gloss, hair bows and change purses are all great ideas, but if you are looking for something special, try thinking outside the box!

Coupon For a Favorite Outing or Event

Little girls love to emulate their parents and that is even true when it comes time to relax with the adults. So how about a Spa Day coupon or gift card to an adventure day at the Pier or a ballgame. If you aren’t the crafty type- pick up some pre-made coupons Here!

Jewelry For the Horse Lover

Have you met any little girls who do not love pretty jewelry? The good news is that it does not have to cost a fortune to be beautiful and appreciated. One fine example is this vibrant pink horse charm bracelet with infinite love. Just adorable. Buy the Horse Bracelet for Under $10 on Amazon

Audio Books

You might think books and reading are a thing of the past, but for many young people, they have simply gotten a technological upgrade. Old timer’s may still long for the feel and smell of ink and parchment, but the new generation has become enamored with electronic books. A perfect stocking stuffer under $15 is a gift card for their favorite ebook platform (Kindle, Barnes and Noble etc…) Find the eBook Best Seller List Here.

Gifts for Your Significant Other

No one knows you better than the love of your life. That being said, the pressures of life and years of gift giving may leave you at a loss for the perfect stocking stuffer under $15 this year. Here are just a few ideas to set you on the right path.

Planner Markers

Does the light of your life journal or depend on her day planner? Even if she simply likes to make small works of art, a nice set of markers is invaluable, particularly ones that allow for fine detail and don’t bleed through! Best Planner Marker Set Can Be Found Here

Meat Thermometer

When your man grills like a pro, you want to go the extra mile to make him happy. What does every die hard cooker of steaks need at their disposal? A meat thermometer! Buy one now.

Awesome Crossword Challenge

Some people are simply the bomb when it comes to crosswords, and they require a significant challenge. If the love of your life rips through the New York Times crossword in record time, give them them a book of 75 to complete at their leisure. Get The Crossword Book Here

Final Thoughts
There are literally thousands, if not millions, of small gifts suitable for the stocking, but many simply beg to be tossed aside once the festivities are complete.

This year drop in the stocking stuffers under $15 they will love and cherish, or at least get a heck of a chuckle out of. Whether you want to tickle the funny bone or touch the heart, remember to carefully consider the individual. Need special ideas, check out our post about gifts for the cat lover in your life or cool Harry Potter gift ideas for adults. Understanding who you are buying for is as important as what you purchase.

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