Mother’s Day Out

25 Fun Mother’s Day Out Ideas!

Mother’s Day OutSure, you can always shower mothers with gifts, like flowers, cards, jewelry, custom gifts, and other various items on Mother’s Day, but the greatest gift of all that a mother could ever receive is time. Sadly, COVID-19 came sweeping through making it difficult for families to spend time together on special occasions and holidays. Even though the pandemic has caused many setbacks to our normal way of living, things are slowly getting back to normal. So how are we to go about showing honor to these very special women in our lives while still maintaining social distancing or long-distance appreciation?

Luckily, there are several special ways to celebrate a Mother’s Day out. Indoor and outdoor brunch or dinner, games, and activities are a great way to spend time together. You can have a traditional meal or go all out and try something unique. Cooking together as a family is a great idea that can be memorable and exciting whether indoor or outdoor. Nature walks, hiking, Mothers Day Painting, and treasure hunts are great outdoor activities for a great Mothers Day out. There are also various ways to connect virtually with mom if travel is difficult or impossible. Mom is sure to enjoy online classes like virtual painting or craft making, and even a simple video call that is sure to make her blush!

The lady of honor will feel love and appreciation at the thought that you and your family took time out to let her know how much she is appreciated. No matter how you spend your time together, browsing these fun and creative ideas which we have suggested we make for great memories that she will look back on.

Enjoy Indoor or Outdoor Games

Hosting fun indoor or outdoor games is a great Mothers Day out tradition that can be enjoyed each year. Everyone can have fun in the sun while playing volleyball, soccer, bean bag toss, dodge ball, water balloon or water gun fights, and tug-of-war or enjoy indoor board games, video games, and interactive virtual games. For some competitive fun, try dividing up into teams to battle each other for cool prizes!

DIY Pizza or Recipe Party

Creating your own pizza or recipe is an art in itself. It’s just something about adding your signature touches to dishes to make them your own. Cooking is a great way to spend time with that special mama on Mother’s Day. She can show you how to create some of her favorite dishes, you can let her relax on her special Day and cook her one of her favorite dishes, or you can surprise her with a dish of your choice. And who doesn’t love pizza? Building a pizza together is a cheap and easy idea! Just carefully place it in the oven when you’re finished and when it’s ready enjoy your creation together.

Make a Mother’s Day Playlist

Nothing shows your appreciation more than making a Mother’s Day music playlist. Various songs are written by songwriters that show appreciation and honor and are specifically dedicated to women and mothers. Take the time out to carefully pick songs that remind you of that special mother. The songs you choose should pull at her heartstrings or even make her break out in dance, bringing her smiles, happy emotions, and memories.

Mother’s Day Movie Night

Somebody grab the popcorn because it’s movie night! Who doesn’t love popcorn, snacks, and a movie binge? I’m sure mom would enjoy kicking back to a night of that. Start by gathering some of mom’s favorite snacks. Next, make the perfect movie list. Make sure that it is movies that mom will enjoy because after all, it’s her special day. If mom is a TV show fanatic, build a list that caters to her favorite sitcoms. Whether she laughs, cries, shouts, or covers her face with a pillow in emotion, movie night can become a regular thing that will create lasting memories.

Mothers Day Painting Class

Why not try something new and take a class together? Does mom enjoy painting, aerobics, or is she ready to learn a new skill or hobby? There are virtual classes for everything you could possibly think of. Give her that extra motivation by taking the class with her. We have done a number of painting classes- even online and they have been so much fun, plus it leaves lasting memories and artwork! Any type of new skill will give her confidence. It’s an added bonus by spending time together. Not to mention, you can learn a new skill yourself. You can give it an extra fun twist with classes like sip and paint. She can enjoy painting while enjoying her favorite glass of wine. Now that’s what I call a great Mother’s Day!

Enjoy a Virtual Family Brunch

If you aren’t able to spend time in person, something awesome that our special lady would enjoy is a virtual brunch. Everyone can use creative zoom backgrounds when their family joins in to celebrate mom’s special day. For an extra kicker, be sure to contact everyone ahead of time with plans for the big day as well as recipe ideas of favorite dishes that everyone can share. Everyone can have their gifts sent to her which she can open for everyone to see.

Make MOMaritas and MOMosas

If mom enjoys mixed drinks, then MOMaritas and MOMosas are sure to put a smile on her face. Have your family gather together for a virtual video call with special drinks to celebrate Mother’s Day. Be sure to plan ahead by sending your family drink recipes. Have a time set for the virtual party and make sure everyone has their drinks in hand. This idea will make for lasting memories that mom will never forget. I’ll toast to that!

Customize a Photo Album

We all know that photos can freeze special moments and events in time. What’s a better way to share memories with mom than making a custom photo album for her to look back on to replay those memorable moments! Specific events to highlight would be birthday parties, vacations, road trips, holidays, weddings, graduations, family reunions, and other treasured little moments like cute and funny children or grandchildren photos. Be sure to include those special little moments captured at just the right moment.

If you are creative and want to give it that personal touch, you can put it together yourself. And if you don’t have that creative touch, you can gather the photos together and have them created by someone else. Another great idea to spend time with mom is to create the photo album together. Give you extra time with her to spend and make for a great memory. You can even purchase stickers to place in the photo album. No matter how you choose to do it, this is sure to make her heart melt.

Virtual Family Bingo Night

B-53, I-25, N-44, G-47, O-73! Bingo is a favorite pastime that anyone can enjoy. Mom would certainly appreciate gathering family around to have a bingo battle with prizes. The game can be arranged to include mom’s favorite items. Prizes can be sent out to the winners or can be virtual prizes or money. Various sites allow you to download bingo cards or you can create your own to send virtually to everyone. Now that’s what I call an awesome bingo night! Oh, and don’t forget the snacks.

Have a Family Barbecue

Ready, set, fire up that grill! Nice weather means plenty of time to barbecue. Maybe barbecue and beer are more of mom’s type of relaxation. Well, why not celebrate mom’s special day with an awesome backyard barbecue? Don’t forget to check the weather conditions before you begin. Pick out some of mom’s favorite foods to throw on the grill as well as condiments, sides, desserts, and drinks. Be sure to purchase or have items on hand to keep cool and to keep biting insects away. No one invited those pesky critters to the barbecue! And if you’re not able to gather together this year, try a virtual barbecue. Oh, and send mom some awesome grilling sauces to go along with her barbecue.

Help Mom Around the House

Surely mom has some furniture that needs to be moved, old items to go through, things to toss out, deep cleaning to do around the house, and projects that have not been finished because she doesn’t have the time or isn’t able to get to them. You can help her reach those corners she can’t reach, lift heavy objects that she can’t, go through things in the garage or attic, clean particular areas both inside and outside as well as in the yard, garden, or shed. Volunteering yourself to help mom would be a great idea and she would appreciate the time you spent helping her.

Enjoy a Family Beach Day

If you and the lady of honor are near a beach, you can hop in the car and spend the day enjoying the waves, sand, and sun. You and mom can just kick back on beach towels or lawn chairs to relax or take a dip in the water. Bring snacks and plenty of drinks to stay hydrated. Capture your memories on camera so she can look back at your day out together. Don’t forget the umbrella and sunscreen lotion because we wouldn’t want to get burned.

Plant a Family Garden

The perfect time to start a garden would be on Mother’s Day. Mom will have good memories of the garden her family came together to build. Look for seed or flower plants that are easy to start if this is your first garden. Over time she can watch as it grows and everyone can continue to meet up to tend to the upkeep of the garden. Get some garden supplies and gloves. If this is your first time starting a garden, check for online videos, books, or guides for beginner gardeners.

Take a Mini Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation and I’m sure mom could use one. Think of a place that mom would love to visit and search online for information about hotels or the perfect bed and breakfast. Once you find the perfect place, book your stay ahead of time. You may want to book a rental car if possible. If a rental car isn’t in your budget, make sure you have plenty of gas for the road. While you are online, look for the perfect restaurants and stops in the location that mom may enjoy or would like to checkout. Be sure to grab a few souvenirs that would remind her of her mini vacation.

Visit Garage Sales

There’s something about waking up early and going on garage sale hunts that brings excitement. The smell of the air and the feel of the morning has a different vibe. You can plan ahead by checking the newspaper or local online groups and events for the next garage sales. Surprise mom with breakfast and coffee, if that’s her thing, and head out. Don’t forget to dress comfortably!

Check Out Local Farmer’s Markets

Fresh fruit vegetables are not only delicious but nutritious as well. The best place to discover new products or pick up your favorite fresh produce is the farmer’s market. Mom will enjoy picking out what she likes. She may even take home new items to try. Make sure you plan ahead for this trip. Figure out dates, times, and locations before you head out.

Tap Into Your Spiritual Side

I see in your future a winning lottery ticket that will make you very wealthy. Whether you’re a believer or not, a fun activity that you and mom can enjoy together is to get palm, astrology, fortune, or tarot card readings. These readings would be a great conversation starter for you and mom. Who knows, maybe in the near future, you or mom could hit the jackpot by playing the lottery! Or, at least win a small fortune. Who knows, it could truly be written in the stars.

Have a Pampering Day

Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered? A great way for mom to get some much-needed pampering is to take some time out to visit the spa and nail shop. You can get full body pampering like relaxing in the sauna, facials, massages, pedicures, and manicures. If you’re on a budget, you can get the basics by getting pedicures and manicures together. Either way, mom will feel great that you took the time out to spend with her.

Visit An Animal Shelter

If your mom enjoys pets, the animal shelter is a perfect place to visit. There are so many animals to see in they are so adorable. You can take your time looking at all of the animals with her. Animal shelters have adoption programs and she may want to adopt a new fur baby to share her love with. It makes for a great trip that mom wouldn’t forget.

Have a Sleep In Late Day

Is mom constantly busy? Could she use some extra rest? A great and simple way to put a smile on her face is to surprise her with a sleep-in day. You could let her catch up on some much-needed rest while you clean, tidy up, and look after the house for her. To add an extra special touch, you can surprise her with breakfast in bed. You can cook breakfast yourself or buy breakfast for her to enjoy. You can also invite the family to be you part of the special day. She will never forget your thoughtfulness, making your kind gestures memorable.

Get a Tattoo Together

Is mom the tattoo type? Maybe she’s curious or on the fence about getting a tattoo, or she may already have tattoos. Getting a tattoo with mom will show your love for one another and can make for great memories. Be sure to run this by her before deciding, to make sure a tattoo is something that she would be interested in. If she would like a tattoo, check around for the best tattoo shops. Pick a memorable tattoo that would remind her of your bond together. You should set an appointment with the tattoo shop to ensure that they can hold your spot. If a tattoo is too extreme or just not you or mom’s cup of tea, a piercing may be a better option.

Visit Historic Landmarks

Do you know all of the historical landmarks throughout your city or town and surrounding areas? Or maybe you, mom, and the family could visit other towns and cities to tour historical landmarks. This would be a fun family trip that includes a picnic in the park or a trip to an older established eatery. Trips like this could bring back nostalgic memories, especially if your family grew up in the area. Make sure you take plenty of pictures that will make lasting memories for everyone, especially mom.

Host a Family Karaoke Night

Are you ready to test your singing skills, show everybody what you’re about, or surprise your family with your hidden voice? If mom loves to sing along to music while cooking, cleaning, or driving, then karaoke would be perfect. To enjoy karaoke, be sure to have a karaoke machine on hand or if you don’t have a machine, a microphone and music playlist are good to have on hand. If you don’t have either, you could simply use your smartphone or laptop and everyone can sing out loud. You can even make a special playlist to honor the special mom. Be sure to add food, snacks, and drinks to make karaoke night more enjoyable.

Have an Ice Cream Party

Eye scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Whether it’s in a bowl, in a cone, as a sandwich, or on a stick, having an ice cream party would be a fun and fantastic idea. The warm weather makes for the perfect time to throw your ice cream party outside as well. Gather your family together and plan ahead. Have supplies on hand like disposable bowls, spoons, and napkins Have the family pitch in to get some of mom’s favorite ice cream and surprise her on the big day. It will make for some very meaningful moments.

Enjoy a Workout Day

If mom is the type who loves to sweat it out with a workout, then heading out to the gym or workout studio together would be an awesome idea. Whether she enjoys, yoga, weight lifting, aerobics, or cycling, joining her during a workout would be fun and healthy for everyone. Most gyms or studios have sessions or classes which can accommodate a family or other guests. If you don’t have gym or studio memberships, or special one-day passes, go online or call around to see how you can join or book a session. Be sure to check for specials. Now get out there and show those calories whose in control!

These Mother’s Day Out ideas should inspire you to find something fun and special to do with your loved ones! Even if its staying inside with each other, you should be able to ind something enjoyable and unique to cherish the day. I don’t want to forget to say Happy 1st Mother’s day to those just starting this wonderful holiday!

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