30 Valentines Ideas for Kids They Will Be Delighted to Receive

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for kids and adults. Its a Holiday filled with love and laughter. Kids get to make cards for their friends, enjoy a special day filled with friendships and share in a little bit of the excitement.

If you are like me, and enjoy giving little gifts of love to your kids, nieces, or family members (that are not 100% full of sugar) then gifting a small little items can be delightful.

And if you are having trouble determining what to buy for the special kids in your life, take a look at the following list of creative Valentines ideas for kids.

30 Perfect Valentine’s Ideas for Kids to Gift

We enjoy giving little secret gifts to our kids on Valentines day. It makes for a fun morning before school. Some gifts provide entertainment, while others stimulate the mind. And some others, are just meant for fun.

Wrap up these cute gifts with our printable Valentines day gift tags and give out. You don’t have purchase gifts either. Fun coupon ideas or even a cute coloring book made from these printable Valentines coloring pages would work!

1. Sparkl Creations Reversible Magic Sequins Notebook

Sparkle Notebook- /Valentines Ideas For KidsKids just love reversible sequins, and this heart can flip from pink to sapphire blue. It has a heart pattern on the front and a plain back, and any girl would be thrilled to have this notebook. It is just the right size to carry around, and she will store all of her memories and thoughts in it.

Find it on Amazon.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Bluetooth Karaoke MicrophoneThis wireless karaoke microphone comes in pink, blue, gold, or rose gold, and it connects to any Bluetooth device. It has a vibrant design and its own playback mode, and it will provide hours of fun entertainment for any child. I gave this to my niece one year and she sang so much she nearly went hoarse. We had such a blast!! Makes an awesome b-day gift too 😉

Find it on Amazon.

3. Knolee Unisex Knit Earmuffs

Warm Ear Muffs- Valentines Day GiftsThese fuzzy earmuffs are sure to keep any kid’s ears toasty on a winter day. They are stylish and comfortable, and they are great for traveling or wearing around town. They come in a range of colors, including pink, blue, red, and black, and they make the perfect Valentine’s gift for any child.

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4. Emoji Cookie Cutters

This set of three emoji cookie cutters will make kids smile as they bake their favorite cookies. They are made of durable plastic and they are safe for kids to use. In addition to cookies, kids can use them to cut all kinds of things into emoji shapes, including fruits, pancakes, dough and more. These will definitely be an all-time hit.

Find it on Amazon.

5. Candy Heart Stickers

Valentines Heart stickersThese stickers are just like the candy hearts, and your kids will enjoy using them on their crafts. They come with four sheets of stickers in each package, and they are great for a Valentine’s Day party at school or at home.

Get Your Heart Stickers HERE.

6. Trendy Kids Polarized Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Valentines Gift Ideas for KidsThese sunglasses are fun and they are durable for kids. They fit most kids ages three to ten, and they will be delighted to show their Valentine’s spirit when they wear them. If you are having a Valentine’s Day party for a group of children, you can order enough for each child. These glasses will get then into the Valentine ‘s spirit.

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7. Glitter Heart Pendant Chunky Bubblegum Necklace

Valentines bracelet for kidsThis necklace makes a statement for girls ages 12 and up. It is made from faux pearls in shades of pink, and it comes with a matching bracelet. This is one of the best Valentine’s ideas for kids out there, and it is sure to put a smile on a girl’s face.

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8. The Don’t Laugh Challenge Book for Kids

Dont laugh Valentines gift ideas for kidsThis fun joke book just for Valentine’s Day will delight any child. The book is designed to be read by more than one child so that they can enjoy it together and learn to tell jokes. The two tell jokes to each other and try not to smile. This book is a favorite among kids of all ages and provides hours of good entertainment.

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9. 60-Piece Valentine’s Crafts

Valentines gifts for kidsThese scratch paper crafts are a favorite, and they come with 10 wooden styluses and an entire craft kit. The heart shape design makes it great for Valentine’s Day, and the kids will enjoy scraping out different patterns and hanging them in their rooms.

Buy on Amazon.

10. Bearington Romantic Rover Valentine’s Stuffed Plush Puppy

Valentines Teddy Bear for KidsThis adorable plush puppy with red hearts all over will delight any child in your life. It is soft and cuddly, and it is made of premium stuffing and quality materials. It is the perfect “I love you” gift for any child. Teddy bears are terrific Valentine’s ideas for kids of any age and sure to be loved for years to come.

Get The Teddy Bear Here.

11. Unicorn Color by Number for Kids

Valentines Day gift for kidsThis is a wonderful coloring book for kids ages four to eight, and it is full of magical unicorns. It has a color by number style, and it helps to perfect counting and fine motor skills. This is the perfect Valentine’s idea for kids and it won’t break the bank.

Purchase from Amazon under $6.

12. Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Unicorn valentines gift for kidsThis plush unicorn is soft and comes with a birth certificate and pink wings and a golden horn. Your little girl will grin from ear to ear when she gives this unicorn its first hug. It even has special dry erase paws where you can write a special message to your child.

You Can Find it HERE.

13. Sinzyo You Are My Sunshine Music Box

Music box gift idea for kidsThis wooden music box comes in different colors and is small enough for your child to hold. It plays the tune of “You Are My Sunshine,” and it is the perfect way to express your love for your child.

Find it on Amazon.

14. I Spy with My Little Eye Valentine’s Day Book

Valentines Gift Ideas for kidsThis I Spy book will provide hours of entertainment for your child. Children love these books, and this one has a Valentine’s theme. You can read it and play the games or even take it with you on a walk and try to look for the cute items in real life… you could even create a little scavenger hunt type of game with it by collecting all the I spy items.

Find this cute little book HERE.

15. Chocolate Gift Box Game Controller

Chocolate game controller valentines candy giftChocolate is the universal gift for Valentine’s Day, and this chocolate game controller combines chocolate with your child’s love of video games. This will be a favorite gift on Valentine’s Day.

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16. What I Love About Being Your Mom Book

I love being your mom valentines giftThis book comes with blank pages so that you can fill it in and let your child know just how special he or she is to you. Include fun memories and special milestones, and your child will hold this book dear for many years.

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17. Ultimate DIY Slime Kit

This slime kit includes everything in one box, and it includes hypoallergenic laundry detergent, different glues, and everything else children need to make their own slime. The ingredients have been tested for safety, and this will be a favorite among Valentine’s ideas for kids.

Get the Full kit here.

18. Love Stinks Whoopee Cushion

Kids Valentines Day IdeasThis toy will bring hours of laughter into your home. Kids love a whoopee cushion, and this one themed for Valentine’s Day is one of the most perfect Valentine’s ideas for kids for those who would prefer to have some laughs! Trust me this one never gets old from a kids stand point… parents, I know I hear ya!

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19. Valentine’s Day Squishies

Valentines Kids Gift IdeasSquishies are great for relieving stress and preventing boredom in kids. You can choose one of these squishies to make your child smile. You should not buy this toy for kids under three as it could be dangerous if they bite part of it off and eat it.

Grab these here!

20. Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

This box contains four heart decorated cookies and four undecorated cookies, and it is something every child will enjoy. Have these cookies for a nice dessert after lunch of dinner, and everyone’s mouth will water.

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21. Dylan’s Candy Bar Cupcake Filled with Gummy Bears

Flavorful gummy bears sit inside this cupcake container, and it is the perfect gift for any child on Valentine’s Day. The cupcake container can be used to store things after the candy is gone.

Get it from Dylans.

22. Lego City Fire Station

Lego gift ideas for kids on Valentines dayEvery boy is going to love this Lego city Lego set. It has 509 pieces, and it will be fun to play with long after it is built. It includes four Lego city mini figures, as well as a fire station with a scout tower and fire vehicles that will be built.

Get from Amazon.

23. Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Game

This colorful stacking tower game is loads of fun for kids of all ages, and it stores away neatly after play. Adults can play too, and the bright colors make it fun to come up with different strategies. The blocks are smooth, which makes it easy to stack them.

Find on Amazon.

24. Dear Valentine Letter Mad Libs

Mad Libs Valentines GiftThis book has 21 Mad Libs stories, and it will provide hours of entertainment and laughter as your kids fill in the blanks to create a hysterical story. In this edition, your kids can mail the letter off to a family member or friend once they complete the story.

On Amazon for under $7

25. Mother Daughter Bracelet

Mother daughter braceletThis set of two bracelets is the perfect way for a mother and daughter to share their bond. The bracelets are beaded, and they are handmade. This is a wonderful Valentine’s idea for kids.

From Etsy

26. Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

This Valentines tic tac toe game comes with a drawstring bag to store the 10 hearts so that you can play a game anywhere. You can actually personalize this valentine ideas for kids by having your child’s name printed on it. 

Pick up this gift on Etsy.

27. Crayon Name Gift Set

Have your child’s name made out of recycled crayons, and he or she can use them to color. It is colorful and sure to bring your child happiness and joy.

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28. Red Velvet Cake Lip Balm

This all natural lip balm tastes as good as it smells. It is made of coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, vitamin e, and organic flavoring. It is the perfect Valentine’s gift.

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29. Handwritten Custom Necklace

This custom stainless steel charm can be personalized with a special note for your child. It will be laser engraved, and it will be a special gift that your child will cherish.

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30. Unicorn Valentine Oreos

These Double Stuff Oreos are covered in chocolate with a unicorn design, and they taste as great as they look. Your child will be thrilled with this special treat.

Get these from Etsy.

There you have 30 awesome Valentines ideas for kids to gift this year! We like gifting little goodies over offering a giant basket full of candy or something too sweet.

Providing a small token has been a bit of a tradition for us and I like to continue it over the years as well. It a sweet reminder to hug your kids tight and send love as often as you can to friends and family!

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