52 Week Money Challenge- Free Printable to Help you Save $5000

Who needs a little extra money? (Can I scream meeeee) Maybe you are wanting to save for your dream vacation next year or for that down payment on a new car, either way this printable 52 Week Money Challenge tracker will help get you to where you need to be! Did you know that new habits take just 10 days to form?

Think of this challenge as a simple way to save money effortlessly- soon it will become nothing more than a simple habit. Just check off each week and save your cash for something special.

How the 52 week Money Challenge Works

Each week, starting at week one (and this doesn’t have to start Jan. 1st) you will deposit a certain amount into your savings account, money jar, or wherever you choose to stash your money. I start small so I don’t notice the money gone and then each week build up till I hit $125 a week.

Also, at the beginning of the year, taxes reset and I tend to put away a bit more for such so by the time week 20 rolls around- approximately 4-5 months into the challenge I am more prepared to save up.

You can do it however you like however- even add change. Use the 52 week money challenge printable to track your progress and help you stay motivated. At the end of the 52 weeks- you will have an extra $5000 to spend however you need to.

Below are two weekly savings printables you can use.The first one is blank so you can personalize the challenge based on your own savings goals. The second is an easy 52 week savings plan to get you to $5000 in 52 weeks. Weekly Savings Blank

52 week money challenge $5000

I love this method of saving money for vacations, Christmas time, or emergency funds especially with kids. I actually have several of these in use at all time so I can remember to put money away for each occasion. As I mentioned, after a while it becomes a habit and you barely notice doing it.

By the time the year has ended, it is so rewarding and satisfying to know that you have that cash to use as needed. I used it pay extra debt I had and start a saving plan for my kid. Just seeing the charts grow each week made me feel so proud.

Kids can partake in this as well. Just have use cents instead of dollar and by the end of the year they will have $50 dollars saved! They can donate this to an organization or school during the holidays or use it buy gifts for others. I like to show how part of your income or money should go to help others in need.

Reward yourself!

Find something you enjoy and make that part of the habit when you add money to your savings. This 52 week savings challenge can be an exciting event for the whole family. Every time I put money in the account, I give myself a dove dark chocolate as a reward.

For the kids we have a cookie or will also do a silly dance. We have also started to integrate grateful notes. We take lots of nice sayings and put them into a jar and when we go “deposit” our money we take out a note and read it.

Its a great way to remember nice things about yourself and others and show some gratitude. I now love my money saving rituals!

Grab Your 52 week money challenge $5000 printable Below!

First One: 52 Week Money Challenge Blank Printable
Second One: 52 Week Money Challenge $5000 Printable

Just think about all the things you will be able to do with just this extra bit of money. Its been a life saver for us and we are looking forward to the Holidays now!

We are off to buy our Holiday Stocking stuffers (under $15) of course, and some Harry Potter gifts for Christmas for all our Harry Potter friends, and of course we wont forget about our crazy cat friends with some rather unusual holiday gifts for the cat lover this season either!

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