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Amazon Textbook Buyback for Students: A Great Way to Make Some Extra Cash

Amazon Buy Back BooksIf you are a student wondering how you can make some extra cash with your used textbooks, or even a parent trying to clean out their college grads room and want to make some cash back on all the money spent for their studies, then you might think about selling back textbooks for cash. You can send it those books heaped in your garage and get some extra cash using the Amazon textbook buyback program.

Thankfully, the internet has made selling and reselling of books much easier. It has contributed to the growth of many ways to sell used textbooks.

At the top of the list of online options to offload used textbooks is Amazon. Amazon started as a bookstore but has now grown to be the best and largest ecommerce platform.

The good thing about Amazon is that so long as the books are in good condition, you can sell them through the Amazon’s textbooks buyback program even if your local book store or resellers cannot buy them.

Traditional Ways Students Use to Sell Used Textbooks

  • Campus bookstores- Although there is no guarantee that your books will be accepted, especially if a new edition of the book is already on the market
  • Used bookstores- If only they can buy the books or it’s still relevant
  • Friends and colleagues in the campus- Other students who are taking the same class as yours. It’s not easy to find someone who will be willing to buy used textbooks.
    See, these options are still being used today, but they are not as effective as the Amazon textbook buyback program.

Amount You Get When You Sell Your Textbooks through the Amazon Buyback Program

The Amazon trade in program pays up to 80% of the amount of your books price. However, not all books will get you that amount and some may not be bought back due to some other factors.

You can also sell the books yourself but Amazon will take a commission from the amount you earn and you will have to pay shipment fees.

How the Program Works

Once you have created an account, you can be able to know how much specific books are worth. Here, you will need to go to the textbook buyback site and enter the book’s ISBN (the book you are selling has n ISBN number).

A page will pop up. At the far right, you will see whether the book can be sold on the program or not. If the book qualifies, you will see a clickable link that allows you to trade-in and how much the trade-in is worth.

Clicking the clickable link will take you to another page where you will find a few questions regarding the condition of the book(s). Be honest when answering those questions to increase chances of your book being accepted.
Once you are done, enter your return shipping address and that’s all.

You can add as more books as you want then click the “Confirm-Trade-In Button”

Pack your books properly, print a free pre-paid shipping label for mailing your books and then prepare them to be taken to Amazon. Amazon will receive the books and verify their conditions.

May and December has a lot of meanings to students. There are plenty of events that occur during these two months and the two important ones are completion of classes and selling of used textbooks.

During these months multiple booksellers and resellers, particular those located nearby schools get busy buying used books from students. Students can make some extra cash if the books are in a good condition and to the sellers it’s a win if they can resell the books they buy from students.

The Catch (Amazon Textbook Buyback Program)

The Amazon textbook buyback is an incredible program for selling old books and other things. You could also trade-in video games, electronics, music, and more and make some extra cash.

Note that the Amazon textbook buyback does not pay in cash but in Amazon gift cards. This is good for students who would want to use the credits to buy other books for the next semester or need the extra cash to order school supplies, dorm or apartment goods.

How to Make the Most of Your Amazon Textbook Buyback Results

To improve your results with the trade-in program, you must use these tips.

Ensure you understand the program’s criteria. Keep your books in good condition by avoiding writing things on the cover. Keep your books protected from damages including wear and tear. This way, you can increase the chances of trading in your next semester.

Use your trade-in credits to buy books for your next semester. You can get good books at a good price but you have to plan beforehand.

Also, purchasing textbooks on Amazon increases your odds of reselling them through the textbook’s buyback program.

Other Textbooks Buyback Options

Amazon textbook buybackDifferent textbook buyback programs have different terms. Below are the other methods of selling your old textbooks although they are not as effective as the Amazon textbook buyback program.

Campus Bookstores

Campus bookstores buy used books but cannot be compared with selling your books online. That’s because most of the books bought at campus bookstores are those from the most recent terms since they want to use them for the next semester.

What you’ll find at your campus bookstore varies greatly from what you’ll experience selling your books online. A campus bookstore usually buys back books from the most recent term since they expect the next round of students to use them. That means the odds of getting your textbooks accepted are low if they are not from the rent terms.

Also, if the professor assigns a different edition, then your textbooks become obsolete. Moreover, you can expect to find a lot of people selling their books. That means you will have to queue for long hours and the buyback prices may be low, particularly at the end of term.

Selling Textbooks Online

There are plenty of options to sell your old textbooks from the physical bookstores to online. You just need to find out the options you have if you want to sell your textbooks in person.

Of course, the good thing about selling your books in person is that you will be paid there and then- in case your books are in good condition and relevant. But the problem is that you may not sell your books at the best price.
Selling books online also requires some effort. You will have to be more organized, you will have to research to get the best site with the best price and sometimes your books will be rejected.

What to Consider About the Textbook Buyback Process

Whether you decide to sell your old books online or offline there are several things to consider. These include:

The condition of your textbooks

Amazon does not accept damaged books or books with marks on the covers. So if you have written your names on the cover or your books have pronounced water damages, then they may be rejected.

To increase the chances of selling your books online, ensure to keep them in good condition throughout the term.
Equally, if you are selling your old textbooks in person, you must ensure it is clean and in good condition as well. The person you are selling the books will scrutinize them to ensure they do not have any damages. So keep them clean and protected.


Another thing to consider is the demand of your textbooks. If the professor has changed to a different edition, then your textbooks may not be relevant, especially if you are selling them to a physical or campus bookstore.

The good thing about the Amazon’s textbook buyback program is that regardless of whether the professors have changed to a new or different edition, your book has higher chances of being accepted if it is in good condition and is relevant.

How to Sell Textbooks Online

If you are no longer using those books, you’d better offload them from your garage. You have two options here. Sell them to your colleagues, on your campus bookstore or online.

If you decide the online method is the best one for you, you will need to record your books’ information including the title, ISBN, author, and other relevant information.

Not all online platforms will need all of this information but having it won’t hurt you anyway.

Usually, when selling books online, for instance on the Amazon buyback program, you will need to visit the site, enter the information required, find out whether the books are accepted, follow the outlined procedure and you are good to go.

Remember to print the free shipping label to mail the books in, pack the books properly and follow the mailing instructions to get it to the store.

It takes some few days to get paid for your books since when received; your books will have to be verified before you are paid.

When to Sell Your Old Textbooks?

Timing is important when selling used books. This goes hand-in-hand with the demand. For instance, some books will sell more during particular seasons and other will not.

The best time to sell your books is at the beginning of a new semester, perhaps during May, December, August and January. At the beginning of a new semester is when students are in search for books.

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