Bloody Appletini Cocktail Perfect For Adult Halloween Parties

A classic twist on a yummy apple martini makes this creepy Halloween cocktail one to die for, or at least giving them that impression.

As complicated as the Halloween cocktail may look, its actually very simple and if you plan ahead just a bit this will take just a few moments to create making sure your guests don’t have to wait.

A simple bloody rimmed candy surrounds the glass and along with the perfect apple-tini mixture, this ghoulish cocktail will be sure to make this a hit at any adult Halloween party!

Feel free to drop in some fruit or a dark cherry even if you’re feeling adventurous.

Blood Candy Rim

The “blood rim” is made from the same kind of mixture as you’d use to make hard candy.

1 c. Sugar
1/2 c. Karo Syrup
1/2 c. Water
Red Food Coloring

Combine sugar, syrup and water. Cook without stirring to hard crack stage – which is 300 degrees F, use a candy thermometer to check. Add red food dye.

Turn off heat. While the mixture is still hot but not boiling, dunk the top of the cocktail glass into the mixture to create the red rim. Tip the top of the rim to part way down the glass – whichever you prefer. Flip the glass right side up to cool and cause “drips” as it hardens on the glass! Once hardened keep chilled.

The Appletini Martini

2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Apple Pucker Schnapps or
1/2 oz. Apple Juice or Cider

Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass with the candy rim.

Keep the Appletini mixture really cold and adjust the pucker to suit your taste. Enjoy!

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