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14 Amazing Christmas Cookie Ideas to Impress Your Guests

The Holidays are a time for family, friends, reliving old memories, and creating new ones. Of all the holiday foods that bring back childhood memories, Christmas cookies are at the top of the list. Very few things are more comforting on a cold winter day than coming into a home filled with the scent of cookies fresh from the oven.

From gingerbread men to sugar cookies, gathering to bake these wonderful treats is one of the best parts of the Christmas season. We’ve scoured the internet to find the most delicious as well as the most beautiful Christmas cookie ideas to add some extra cheer to any cookie assortment.

1. Gingerbread Cookies

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without the smell of gingerbread cookies baking. These cutout cookies are easy to make as well as delicious. They are a great family project because everyone loves to decorate them in their own way. From Taste of Home.

2. Snickerdoodles

With chewy center, crispy edges, and a lovely cinnamon taste, Snickerdoodles may just be the perfect cookie. Don’t save these buttery treats for Christmas alone, they’re wonderful with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate any time of year. From Allrecipes

3. Coconut Macaroons

It seems that people either love coconut or hate it; there is no in between. For those of us who love it however, no Christmas would be the same without Macaroons. The taste and texture of these cookies makes them a perfect choice for cookie swaps – if there are any left to give away. Best Ina Garten recipe from Food Network

4. Mocha Crackles

These cookies are a staple at our house around the holidays and they disappear as fast as I bake them. They have loads of chocolate, a cake like texture, and just a hint of coffee flavor. Although easy to make, the crackled texture gives them a gourmet look that is great for party trays. Awesome recipe from Taste of Home.

5. Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Traditional sugar cookies are a must for any holiday. This recipe is among the best with slightly soft middles and crispy edges. The trick to a good sugar cookie is using super fine sugar and not over handling the dough.

Since half the fun is in decorating the cookies, make sure to have plenty of colored sugars and icings– although these are just as delicious without icing. Delicious recipe at Food Network.

6. Almond Crescents

Almond crescents are great for serving to guests, giving as gifts, or just late night snacking. Under a festive coating of powdered sugar, these tender, buttery cookies are packed full of nutty flavor. While the recipe calls for almonds, nearly any nut can be used in these wonderful holiday treats (pecans work wonderfully). Simply Recipes.

7. Zimtsterne

Zimtsterne cookiesA traditional Christmas cookie from Switzerland, Zimtsterne are a wonderful shortbread cookie that can be found in nearly every Swiss home and bakery during the holiday season. With a rich chocolate flavor and just a hint of cinnamon, they are sure to become a family favorite. Our favorite recipe from Taste of Home.

8. Thumbprint Cookies

Moist, delicate, and delicious, thumbprint cookies are not only easy to make, but beautiful as well. One of the great things about these tasty little cookies is that they can be filled with whatever you like. Choose your favorite jam, marmalade, or even hot fudge. The only limit is your imagination. Recipe from Just a pinch.

9. Christmas Brownie Tassies

Tassies have a reputation for being time consuming and difficult. While they aren’t exactly easy to make, they aren’t that hard either; and the result is well worth the time.

Chocolate lovers everywhere will flock around these yummy, fudgy cookies with a tender pastry crust. Fantastic Christmas cookie ideas for those cookie parties to share! Recipe from Bake or Break.

10. Pinwheel Cookies

Pinwheel cookies are just fun. They make a festive addition to any cookie swap or party tray and they taste delicious. These chocolate vanilla pinwheels are tender and full of flavor and kids will love the spiral design inside each cookie. Recipe from Fine Cooking.

11. Stained Glass Cookies

Although these cookies may seem like a lot of trouble, they are simply beautiful and taste incredible. Definitely cookies to impress the neighborhood! Kids are amazed that they can eat the “stained glass” and make a game out of deciding what flavor the center is.

They can also serve as tree ornaments (not recommended if you have a gluttonous Golden Retriever in your home). Grab the recipes here.

12. S’mores Cookies

Just because summer is over you don’t have to give up the yummy taste of S’mores. While these may not seem like a traditional Christmas cookie, what could be nicer than the taste of roasted marshmallows with a cup of hot chocolate?

Once you start making them you’ll be bombarded by requests for more. Great recipe from the Recipe Critic.

13. Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies

Peppermint candy canes are a Christmas tradition and when combined with a shortbread cookie and drizzled with decadent chocolate, you have a masterpiece.

If you don’t like peppermint, substitute any flavored candy cane that you like. Find a recipe you like from our Peppermint Bark Cookie Ideas here.

14. Molasses Cookies

Although they are reminiscent of ginger snaps, molasses cookies are soft and chewy with a light sugar coating. Just the smell of these cookies baking is sure to bring back wonderful Christmas memories of Grandma’s house. Great recipe from the Joy of Baking.

Whether you make one of these wonderful Christmas cookie ideas or all of them, the holidays are meant for good food and good fun so get together and enjoy the season. These are perfect for cookie exchanges, gifts for the neighbors or just for eating! Everyone will truly enjoy these delightful cookies.

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