Halloween Dirt Nap Pudding

Dirt Nap Pudding, a Fun Halloween Treat for Kids

Dirt Nap Pudding CakeAmidst the excitement of choosing costumes and decking out our homes with spooky decorations, Halloween has kids counting down the minutes until they can embrace the fun-filled festivities.

And what better way to keep the Halloween spirit alive than by throwing a fantastic kids’ Halloween party? It’s not just about making sure the little ones have a blast; it’s also about keeping them safe during this spooktacular season.

Now, let’s talk about a super-duper, kid-friendly Halloween dessert that’s bound to be a hit: the one and only “Dirt Nap Pudding.” It’s a treat that’ll make kids of all ages scream (in delight, of course).

Creating this eerie yet delicious masterpiece is a breeze, and here’s how:

Dirt Nap Pudding

Dirt Nap Pudding cake

  • 1 Box of your favorite pudding or pie filling
  • 2 Chocolate Sandwich cookie packages
  • 4-8 Vanilla Wafer Cookies (We used the Mint Milanos)
  • 1 Tube of Black Cake Decorating Gel
  • 1 6×6 Cake Pan or 4-6 Individual Serving Cups
  • 4-8 Halloween candy flowers, pumpkins, gummy worms, or any other spooktacular Halloween candies
Pudding Directions:
  1. In a saucepan, stir together the pudding mix and two cups of milk.
  2. Place the saucepan on the stove and, while stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a full boil over medium heat.
  3. Once it’s cooled and ready, pour the pudding into the serving cups or one large container.
“Dirt” Directions:
  1. Begin by removing the filling from the chocolate sandwich cookies.
  2. Place the cookie bits in a small sandwich bag and crush them into a medium crumb consistency using the side of a drinking glass or cup.
  3. Sprinkle the crushed chocolate cookies on top of the pudding before it sets.
“Headstone” Art:
  1. Take those vanilla wafer cookies and get creative with the black cake decorating gel. Write “RIP” on each wafer, leaving enough room on one side to insert them into the “dirt” without covering up the letters.
  2. Place a candy flower or rosette (which you can find in the cake decorating department of your grocery store) in front of each “headstone.”
  3. For an extra dose of spooky fun, let the kids join in – they can add more candies like gummy worms, pumpkin candies, or even mini zombie figurines. It’s a DIY dessert dream!

To really set the Halloween mood, refrigerate your eerie creations beforehand and place them on the table when it’s time to serve your meal. Serve along Dirt nap cake or a fun Halloween dinner. Not only will they delight the taste buds, but they’ll also add an extra spooky flair to your Halloween décor. So, get ready to watch those little goblins and ghouls dig into this wickedly tasty treat!

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