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Free Among Us Coloring Pages to Print and Enjoy!

My son has been obsessed with the game, Among Us, for quite some time! It is creative, daring, creepy and quite unique! If your child is obsessed with game, then they will love these Among Us Coloring Pages that they can color, craft with or even create their own story board and game adventure!

While I am not always a fan of these types of games, I like that kids are forced to work together to solve a positive outcome… or as positive as it gets! And of course coloring pages offer a whole new level of creativity and fun so I encourage kids to draw and color what they enjoy.

What is the GamE, Among Us About?

A multiplayer game by creator Innersloth, you and your friends are the crew of an experimental starship. After an accident, you wake up in a part of the ship that has been damaged beyond repair. The only way for you to escape is to go into other people’s minds and memories. However, strange things start to happen around you; strange events that can’t be explained.

The Crewmates

Crewmates work together to complete tasks before one or more Impostors can kill everyone aboard. At the end of every round, players vote to execute one player. If at least three crewmates live through all eight rounds of play, everyone wins!

The crewmates in Among Us are the most important part of the game, but aren’t they always? As crewmates explore the haunted vessel, they must work together in order to overcome every challenge thrown their way. That is not to say that everyone will survive the ordeal.

Among Us puts players into one of two roles: either a crewmate or an Imposter. While each role comes with a unique set of objectives and abilities, the two have one goal in common: win or die.

The Imposters

The Imposter’s motto is “kill or be killed,” but their advantages are just as much about deception as they are about brute force. In addition to being able to hide amongst the other crewmates at any time, Impostors are expert liars and deceivers, capable of convincing almost anyone to do anything. Or at least that’s what they’d like the crewmates to think.

The Impostor is the bad guy, and they always win if at least one of them makes it through all eight rounds.


Every player will control two characters: a primary and secondary character.

The Primary Character is the PC that you use for most tasks. They have access to your full attention and energy, but they also come with extra baggage.

The Secondary Character is the PC that you only use for certain tasks. They’re not as experienced or capable, but they help to fill in your character’s story, and hopefully become more like the people you play them with. You gain experience through completing tasks (and possibly some other ways) which will eventually make your

Below is an amazing collection of Among Us coloring pages that are free to download and print. These pages are perfect for kids and adults who are true fanatics of the game!

These free coloring sheets include Among Us characters from the game, including many of the creative crewmates, a few superheroes, and a sprinkling of holiday cast members!

22 Among Us Coloring Pages

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Coloring is such a fun way to be creative and enjoy your time with your friends and family. Kids can use these Among us coloring pages and create their own coloring books or stories. You can print them out half sized and use them on a poster to tell their own game and outcome. It’s always nice for everyone to get involved and add their own special touch to the scene.

As you recall from the description, this game has a bit of a spooky tone, so children can add some brighter colors to make things more fun too. Encourage your kids to talk about the game as well and understand their reference with game. It’s always wonderful whens kids interests can be known and managed alongside their families support.


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