Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Looking for some awesome free pumpkin carving patterns? Then check out the list below of places in which you can find everything from simple pumpkin carving templates and stencils to very elaborate and complicated patterns. If you feel you are an expert, why not sign up for one of the contests as well or send a picture of your cool design. Carve up a sight to be seen by creating unique jack-o-lanterns with these free Halloween pumpkin stencils! It wouldn’t be October without this fun Halloween craft. Choose a thumbnail to print a stencil template. Then follow the printable instructions. *Kids: Please make sure you get a parent or adult to help you with this activity. Is your Jack-o-lantern a simple grinning pumpkin head? Turn him into something wild and creative with free pumpkin stencils you can find on the the site along with some other fun Halloween crafts.

Pumpkin It’s your lucky day! Here are four free pumpkin carving patterns to download. Remember, a great pumpkin carving design stems from having a combination of proper carving saws, the appropriate transfer method and a fun pattern design.

Readers Digest: Grab some very simple stencils here. 12 pumpkin face designs for the beginner carver and designer.

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