How to Make Easy Edible Eyeballs for Halloween

Looking for a super simple recipe for a creepy Halloween dish to make with your kids? These gelatin eyeballs are very simple, tasty, and look great on a party table!

Gelatin is one of the my secret weapons when it comes to making gross food on Halloween. Last year I made super-realistic brain jello treat. Cheap and easy. These fun easy edible gelatin eyeballs are super awesome. You can place them out on a tray for snacking, plop them in a drink or add them to other fun recipes.

These call for blueberries but If you can’t find blueberries, you could also use a small grape cut in half to make the pupil. You can use different colored juices to make the irises. The recipe is made with regular coconut milk giving it an eeriy opaque white.

See the full instruction below.

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