Jack o lantern pizza

Jack-o-Lantern Pizza For A Scary Halloween Meal

If you are looking for a simple Halloween dinner or just a yummy meal that your kids will most definitely enjoy, then look to the fun Jack-o-Lantern pizza for the perfect meal!

This yummy pizza is as simple as can be and always comes out a winner. If you have time, I suggest you make this one with your kiddo as its so much fun to make and you can be as creative as you like.

If you love cooking for your family and enjoy making your own dough then go for it! I know there are a ton of amazing pizza dough recipes, but for simplicity reasons premade Pillsbury pizza dough- which is what I actually prefer, works just as well!

Or they usually have dough in the grocery story you can grab. Even a precooked plain cheese pizza works just as well if you need are really rushed on time. Just throw on some glorious toppings and you have yourself a winner.

This creepy Jack-o-Lantern pizza has just olives and peppers as decorations but you can be super creative and use any veggies or pizza toppings you like. Even unusual pizza topping and veggies might get eaten up here if you give it a shot!

This is especially great if you have a large family or even picky kids as you can customize it anyway you want. You can also add additional veggies, meat, anything you like, and then just cover them with cheese to give you the perfect canvas for making a scary Jack-O Lantern face on your pizzas.

This Jack-o-Lantern pizza makes for great Halloween party food as well since it can serve a number of kids and adults!

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