35 January Bullet Journal Cover & Page Ideas to Inspire Your Productivity

January marks the beginning of a whole new year, and in some cases a whole new decade. To me it reminds me of everything that can be, a new birth and a new beginning for all. Really, it’s a new chance to start fresh and engage in ways to better ourselves, complete goals, and set new goals. So what better a way than to begin the new year with a newly prepped January Bullet journal for the month!

Are you ready to ring in the new and toss out the old? A bullet journal is fantastic tool for organizing all your plans to be for the year, to help you set up your goals, and really help you to envision where you want to be by the end of the year.

It is something personal that you can customize and grow and allows you to change and grow as needed. If you are ready to start your bullet journal journey then let these awesome journal cover ideas inspire you and excite you.

If you are newer to bullet journalling you should check out my complete list of Bullet Journal Supplies for beginners and those that have been doing this a while!


If you are newer to bullet journalling you should check out my complete list of Bullet Journal Supplies for beginners and those that have been doing this a while!\ This guide has everything you need to know before jumping into your first bullet journal! You don’t want to miss out on this incredible resource.

35 JANUARY BULLET JOURNAL Covers and Pages To Inspire

January bullet journal

This simple winter theme idea from @itsmeJD is a perfect example of something simple yet elegant. You don’t have to be a masterful artist either. Many images can be printed, copied or even traced. It all depends on what your style is and what you feel will make you productive.


January Bullet Idea Cover PageThis fun snowflake inspiration is from @DiaryofJournalPlanner. This is totally more my style when it comes to doodles and designs. I love geometric shapes, and snowflakes are the perfect design of function and form. You can be as creative or minimalist as you like with your fun doodles. Whatever inspires you for the month of January!

New Years January Bullet Journal Cover

Some people see snowflakes for the start of the year and others see fireworks that light up the sky signaling a new day is upon us. When I was young we had fireworks on the fourth of July and sparklers for New Years. They both remind me of fond childhood memories when life was much simpler.

Some times taking it back to those simple days can help remind you of those important goals and aspirations you had. No time like the present to revisit those plans and make them new again!

January Bullet Journal Cover Page

I love comic books and cool pop culture images. One of my favorites is dressing up like a comic book pop color character! This image by @rosekjournals invokes action and activity in my mind. Like Pow! Get ready for the new year and it all is has to offer. Super fun and cute!

January Journal Cover

Hello January my old friend.If you great with fancy lettering, cursive or calligraphy then a simple word can make your whole design stand out! I like to trace myself to attempt a fancy look but ultimately I opt for the plainer styles. This is so pretty and elegant. Reminds of a very cold and icy month!

January Notebook cover

This sweet bullet journal cover is so classy and elegant looking. I love the light purple hanging beads and gems. It gives the appearance of calmness yet with a party atmosphere! Like ok, January here we are let’s do this! From @Veronica

Bullet Journal coverThis pretty January calendar cover is perfectly peach. A colorful and enticing theme that gives plenty of room for all things important. From Blossom 

January Calendar

This January calendar is ideal for those not into front covers. It combines a simple monthly calendar and cute branching leaves reaching out around days. Simple black and white is a great style for any month and keeps things clean looking.

January Bullet Journal Calendar

With such beautiful calligraphy you can make just about anything look fancy! I like the use of washi tape in the design as well to section off parts that they might wish to use for specific notes or something. I use tape to design my habit tracker often.

Llama January Bullet Journal Idea

While you might think this is a complicated doodle, it’s actually pretty simple! These fun drawings by @mybujotrip show off a fun side to the new year and new bullet journal! Nobody likes to deal with drama… so these fun llamas are perfect! I love the fun festive theme and am eager to try out my own llama doodles!

january COVER

Does January leave you with bright ideas? @lafondari knows just how to take a simple page and turn it extraordinary! SHe uses cut out images along with adorable doodles to highlight the beginning of something new and light!

January Month Cover

While January 2018 has long gone, this is still a fun idea for a January bullet journal cover! Space at its finest. Even simple drawings and designs work well when you are trying to create your bullet journal dreams. Nothing is out of this world when it comes to your hopes and dreams! Plan big and go for it.

Januarr Bullet journal cover

I love the use of watercolors in bullet journals. You have to know just how much color and water to use to ensure it doesn’t bleed. And always use a piece of stock paper underneath! It can be a fine skill to know how to create with watercolors the way you like, but once you’ve mastered it, the sky is the limit! These beautiful snowflakes mixed in with deep purple and blue colors are serendipity! Source BUJOTRULLA

Snowman January Bullet journal cover

How much fun is this cute January cover. Its brings on feelings of joy and elation for the start of the month. Happy little snowman that can easily be created on your own, are the perfect match for these cold winter months.  The cute little snowflakes with a pop of color add some extra fun to the design. Via diemmybujo

January journal cover

Wow, how fun and creative is this January cover spread. I like how it looks like multiple versions of mediums here and lots of creative bits. The snow hat is super cute and highlights the chilly winter month while the pretty stripes and tape add a bit of whimsy and style. From @heraldeecreates

January journal covers

I love the simplicity of this cover and index. It gives a quick incite in to the special days of the months and then a full calendar view. Image by @thebigbujo

Sometimes creating a minimalist spread is what works the best if you have a busy mind. With this design you would create an index with the months of the year- or you can use the days of the month if you want to do one for each month. For the month, you would just add a column with the first letter of each month. Then write down upcoming events or important dates next each month’s letter.

The pretty wreath surrounding January is very elegant and gives the design a very pretty feminine touch.

january a new chapter bullet journal

A new chapter begins and an old one goes into the books. Literally! January marks the rebirth of the new year and the start of a new. Some see it as a chapter while others might see it as a continuation of the book. However, you like to see it, this fun cover is sure to inspire some creativity of your own. Via @seras.bullet.journal

January bullet journal month

@hearthandmade this gorgeous January Bullet Journal cover, calendar and weekly planner all in one. Its a sweet treat that keeps you in the know all week long. I love the beautiful drawings and dessert images. So many different textures and designs all incorporated here give the look a busy yet clean feel. Its energizing and exciting.

A new year journal cover

Image by @veni.vidi.vivid

I like to add inspirational quotes often times to my covers or pages- as a reminder for all the things to come. Sometimes you need that extra boost. And right now with this crazy year, we definitely need a re-do or new chance to get it right!! Let’s ring in the new year with a bang and get the year started off on the best foot possible.

The fun way January is drawn is very creative and gives me a glimpse into the mountains we may have to climb this coming year, but not to forget to enjoy the view. Sometimes its the journey that gets us there that we tend to overlook. All the hard work and accomplishments from past years- its good to pat yourself on the back and look forward.

Bullet journal cover January

Another fun January bullet journal cover with a fun quote. This time it states: “This is the beginning of anything you want”. And how truer of a statement to be made than for the first of the new year and new month. I love the pretty orange flowers and wreath that pop with positive vibes and color. Via @miastylespace

Need some them inspiration for your month. How about this cool January cover and month a glance page. From Zebra Pen

This is a fantastic tutorial showing you how to set up your bullet journal. It gives some great tips on ways to organize and create multiple pages and more. Take a look and start your journal journey today!

january calendar

This is exactly what I think of when I imagine the New Year! I have a few cute bullet journal stickers I use to liven up my New Years day- but these fun journal doodles are super awesome! From @Juelz John

January bullet Journal Ideas

These 3 unique journal cover designs are the perfect inspiration for your new journey into the new year. Are you looking for lift and inspiration; are you looking for the journey and a path to take; or are you ready to start your year with some fun and adorable fashions?

Hello 2021 Bullet Journal

Hello 2021! Yes, its almost time to ring that bell. Best way to prepare for the unknown is prep for everything. At least thats what my dad used to tell me. Pack for rain when it calls for sun, bring a blanket when the weather report shows heat. Sometimes you just never know what is around that cover and what to prepare for. I can say going into this coming year I feel very unprepared but hoping for many miracles and many changes.

citrus january bullet journal cover

I love this fresh and citrusy design form @bujoforstars! Its light and fun and brings about feelings of joy and happiness- which is all we can want for the New Year and new month right?!? The cover includes the month itself so you can get a quick glimpse of the days and where you are headed.

gemstones January calendar

From @CoffeeProsePrettyClothes

hello january bullet journal design


january bullet journal stars


january bullet journal cover

While I feel like this design has a minimalist style feel to it, it still has some depth and mystery to it. As if the trees are calling and the forest is very dense and thick. I love being able to add artwork into personalized journals that tell a story, and this fun design does just that.

January calendar in bullet journal

January bullet journal calendar cover

When the stars are aligned we are never lost.

January Bullet Journal

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