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Free Printable Happy Easter Banner

Easter is such a magical time for families and children. Sharing your love can now be easily shown with this beautiful free printable Easter banner! If you don’t have much money for decorations or just like to change things up, then give this free printable a try. Its simple yet beautiful and will sure to light up any room!

We love to create fun printables around Ohlade and this is our newest Spring font used. This banner is minimalistic but bright and beautiful!

We prefer the Neenah Heavy weight Paper Stock for our banners. The paper is heavy like card stock and bright white making the colors pop. It also to help make the hanging easier because it has some weight on it.

Making the Easter Banner

To create the Easter banner like above, just print out the Happy Easter Letters below on heavy duty paper and cut around the thin black lines. Using a Two-hole punch make a hole- or two at the very top of the letter. Using two holes can help to make the banner easy to hang if you want more curve. I used just one and it worked fine.

Grab some twine, ribbon, string, or yarn and thread the holes so you can string the banner up. You can use the blank banner in the center to separate the words or you can hang each word separately like one on top of another. Below is what the letters looks like. You can print them all or even just the Easter part! They need to be printed in landscape form. If you want to make the banner smaller than standard sizing, just resize the pdf during print or before.

The letters are all PDF and can be opened with the free Adobe reader. No special software needed to download, etc.

If you want to use the banner without making holes, you can use clothes pins to hang them or other types of clips. My niece places the letters on her wall with fairy lights. Its very romantic looking.

The Easter Banner Printable can be downloaded here:

Each page has 2 letters on each on an 8 1/2 x 11 page. So each Letter is approximately 4 inches high. You can always choose to print bigger or smaller as needed. Just click on the link below- save and then print!

HA Letters Found HERE

PP Letters Found HERE

Y/Blank Found HERE

EA Letters Found HERE

ST Letters Found HERE

ER Letters Found HERE

The banner is for personal use only – not for resale. Please feel free to share the link with friends and family so they can make their own Easter banner this season! If you have any troubles printing out the banner please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!

Let us know what you think! If you would like different background colors or need additional tips on making printable banners please let us know. Always happy to see what others have done and where the creativity went.

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